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Accounting & Bookkeeping

Both accounting and bookkeeping can be demanding tasks; your focus should be on generating and maintaining business opportunities. Not only is it more cost effective to contract out this type of work, but the peace of mind associated with entrusting the financial result of your efforts with reliable professionals is invaluable.

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  • Maintaining accurate financial records and keeping up to date with mandatory government reporting is crucial in running a successful business. To help you reach this goal, Waterford offers a comprehensive set of bookkeeping and accounting-related services that help put your company on the path to growth and profitability. Choose from any of the options below and tailor them to your needs:

    A. On Site Bookkeeping
    We will come to you.

    Our high quality and reliable onsite bookkeeping team eliminates the headache of hiring and firing internally. Also, you have the flexibility of controlling your costs according to your budget and work flow. No hiring, no firing, no interruption, no hassle. Hiring an internal bookkeeper is costly, time consuming and most importantly, risky. You run the risk of hiring the wrong person. The wrong hire will not only cost you money but can also negatively affect your business operation. Look to Waterford for an external service where one of our bookkeepers will come to your office at your convenience. You set the schedule and budget.

    B. Off Site Bookkeeping
    With an affordable fixed monthly fee, you have the luxury of a virtual accounting department working for you. We take care of your GST/HST, PST, Payroll, and other government filings. Plus, you have the monthly financial reports to manage your business. We have designed a simple bookkeeping solution for you. It takes you only a few minutes a day. With this simple solution, we save you time to grow your business. One of our staff will come and pick up your documents, work on them out of our office and ensure your specific government body filing deadlines are met. More effective than your internal accounting team, allow us to save you money on office space, equipment, software as well as employee salaries and benefits.

    C. Value Adding Aspects
    While we start to understand and grow your business with you via your accounting records, we can also highlight key opportunity areas. With this valuable information being presented to you on a timely basis, it will then allow you to allocate your cash-flow accordingly.

    D. The Complete Package
    Because we have completed your final numbers and have developed an understanding of your business, allow our tax specialists to prepare and file your tax returns - whether it be corporate, personal, partnership, or trust returns.

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