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Corporate & Personal Tax

The tax objectives of an individual and/or a business are interrelated. Every decision has a tax implication. Each year is full of decisions that could significantly impact the amount of taxes owed. Guidance and knowledge are important.

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  • Corporate + Business
    Nowhere is tax more important than in a small or medium size business. Here, taxes have a direct impact on the take-home pay of shareholders or owners. The notion of corporate tax savings or deferrals should suggest activities that go beyond mere compliance.

    - T2 Corporate Returns
    - HST + GST + PST
    - Payroll Services
    - Compensation
    - Use of Losses
    - Asset Transfers (Special Elections such as S.85)
    - And more...

    From the simple personal return, to complex planning; affordable tax support is available to you, your friends, and your family

    - T1 Personal Returns
    - Estate Planning
    - Opportunities available to Salespeople
    - Compensation
    - Sole Proprietorships
    - Rental Properties
    - Investments + Business Losses
    - And more...

    Planning + Structuring
    Most small and medium sized businesses pay 12% more tax than necessary, and therefore have the greatest scope for tax saving opportunities. Planning and structuring for both short-term and long-term positions allow for the maximization of these opportunities.

    Amendments + Analysis
    Tax returns are not set in stone. In fact, prior year returns can be revised or amended after they have been filed.

    Specialty Credits + Incentives
    Provincial and Federal governments often provide targeted incentives and credits for most industries and businesses. Specialty credits and incentives can be up to 35% of the expenses spent, and are often refundable.

    - SR + ED
    - Media (film, production, sound, animation, etc…)
    - Green Incentives
    - Recording + Publishing
    - Training + Apprenticeship
    - And more...

    As partnerships themselves do not pay taxes, any income is allocated among partners (individuals or corporations). Since this inherently impacts personal and/or corporate taxes, structuring partnerships appropriately and planning for the tax impacts of such relationships is critical in ensuring fair treatment of each party and optimal tax consequences.

    - T5013 Information Return
    - And more...

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