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Creating a business is methodical. Focus on your strengths. Focus on your strategy. Understand that you can always improve a business through innovative research, dedicated development, diligent implementation, accurate measurement, and ultimately, dependable advice.

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  • Corporate Structure
    If your business has shareholders or multiple owners, having a clear and complete corporate structure is the key to ensuring that each party has a good understanding of their rights and responsibilities. Taking care of these housekeeping items upfront is normally a low cost, friendly process, and can help avoid misunderstandings which are often extremely expensive and time consuming to resolve.

    - Bylaws
    - Shareholders' Agreements
    - Minority Interests
    - Partnerships
    - And more...

    Marketing is an integral part of any business. Potential clients need to know that your business exists, what it provides, and where to find it before you can make a sale. Believe it or not, marketing is the one area of business where small and medium businesses lack the most expertise.

    - Branding
    - Market Research + Analysis
    - Client Lists
    - And more...

    A business is more than an idea, more than a product or service, more than any one person. A good business is a collection of processes that work together to attract customers, service those customers, and encourage those customers to return.

    - Organizational Structure
    - Human Resources
    - Cost Management
    - Process Improvement
    - Information Technology
    - And more...

    The word "strategy" may typically evoke thoughts of business and marketing gurus practicing a little known art form. The truth is that strategy can and should be a straightforward, logical exercise that is accessible to everyone. To this end, Waterford shares its approach with its clients and employs a step by step framework to meet ambitions, objectives, and plans.

    - Pricing
    - Growth + Planning
    - New Product and Service Launches
    - And more...

    Family Business
    Family businesses often present the most significant challenges. Most family businesses are started without appropriate consideration for corporate structure, roles, responsibilities, etc... It is critical to preserve the business as well as the family

    - Structuring
    - Organizational
    - And more...

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